Morestone Bedford Car Carrier. Very near mint/boxed. With 4 chocks & Instruction Slip on the inside of the box lid. Scarce. From The Lincolnshire Collection.

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Issued between 1956-57, this is a pleasing example by Morestone. In all original condition, this articulated car carrier has a Bedford Tractor Unit finished in brilliant orange with a silver trim, grey carrier unit with detachable ramps and four detachable chocks. Diecast orange wheels.
Original supple tyres run well.
Looks unused – wonderfully glossy finish to the orange cab in particular.
A little rough casting to the top deck in a couple of places (as-made).

Morestone car carrier x2741

Morestone car carrier x2742

Couple of little contact marks where 2 wheel arches have come into contact with the trailer. Little mark besides.
The colourful lift-off lid box is complete and bright. Light wear.
A difficult find with all four chocks and both detachable ramps.