Cherryca Phenix No.5

Cherryca Phenix No. 5 Chevrolet Impala. Very, very near mint/boxed. Fresh card box. Scarce model from the Japanese company,Taiseiya. From The Bickley Collection.

Cherryca phenix 5 w6201

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Made by Taiseiya, a Japanese company, this Chevrolet Impala model is part of a very small range of models issued between 1961-65.
Finished in an eye-catching teal and pale cream-white finish, complemented by chrome details, a tin plate base, chrome wheels with white rims, treaded black tyres (well-shaped). Window glazing. Green interior.


Cherryca phenix 5 w6202

Model is 10.3 cms. in length approx.
In virtually mint condition.
Lift-off lid style box has a plain sturdy card wrap-around lower with a thinner card bright fresh and clean pictorial lid. Barely any wear.