Dinky 158

Dinky 158 Riley Saloon. Cream with green wheels, treaded tyres version. Very near mint/boxed. Bright box! From The Berlin Collection.

Dinky 158 w449

Price: £175.00


Issued between 1954-55 with this numbering, this example has a fine cream paint finish with bright original silver detailing at the radiator and lights, green wheels.

Bright baseplate has a tow hook aperture and large print with 40A. Fine original treaded black tyres run well.
Mere pinpoint dot or two to the glossy paint finish. Under magnification, a factory retouch may be seen near the rear window. Little rough cast area low down on one side.
The box is strongly-coloured and crisp. Bright, fresh card. Plenty of spring in those end flaps. Correct colour spot. Barely any wear.