Corgi 327

Corgi 327 M.G.B. G.T. Very near mint/boxed. With correct opening black suitcase. Crisp box. From The Oslo Collection.

Corgi 327 w388

Price: £120.00

This item is no longer for sale, price for reference only.


This sought-after Corgi model (1967-69) has a fine, unrubbed glossy finish and bright chrome, jewelled headlights, complete M.G.B. rear transfer, correct luggage and opening boot. Suspension is fine on all four spoked wheels. Original ‘Corgi Toys’ stamped, fine tread tyres (well-shaped).
Occasional tiny mark only.

Corgi 327 w3881

Corgi 327 w3882

The pictorial box is bright and complete. Crisp feel. Lightest wear.