French Dinky 33C

French Dinky 33C Simca Glazier's Truck. Very near mint/boxed. Yellow & green version. From The Brighton Collection.

French dinky 1435 w335

Price: £225.00

This item is no longer for sale, price for reference only.


In superb unused condition, in the slightly rarer yellow and green finish, complete with both glazier pieces stowed, this is a fine French Dinky model. Obviously an unplayed with example that has spent the last 50 years in its box.

French dinky 1435 w3351

French dinky 1435 w3352

In very near mint condition. The ‘Saint Gobain’ and ‘Miroitier’ transfers are complete, too. Very fresh, clean and bright baseplate. Smooth running original tyres and spare stowed underneath. Bright metal parts. In all original condition with a little ‘pitting’ to the finish of the mirror piece stowed.
The box is bright, clean and crisp. Barely any wear at all.
Hard to find this good!

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