Corgi Gift Set 3

Corgi Gift Set 3 Batmobile & Batboat Set. Most sought-after 1st version. Very near mint /boxed, with over-sleeve. With full Secret Instruction Packet. From The Oslo Collection. QDT starting bid £1250. Please note that QDT apply 12.5% buyer's commission.

Corgi gift set 3 w311

This item is no longer for sale, price for reference only.


A most desirable scarce Corgi set and a difficult find in any condition.

Particularly susceptible to damage is the very attractive large colourful window box with a winged header card. This colourfully-illustrated 1st issue has plenty of atmospheric artwork (with absolutely no sunfading!) on the complete and crisp, intact header card. All end flaps are present and firmly attached – and just one very small tear emanating from an end flap. Light wear besides. Original cellophane is notably intact. Colours have lost none of their vibrancy and the card is crisp.
Lots of information on the box reverse.

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Corgi gift set 3 w3115

This set comprises:
1) Corgi 267 Batmobile with both original seated figures of Batman and Robin. This is the tow hook version (correct for this set). Intact blue screens. Suspension on ‘Bat wheels’. Bright Bat logos on the wheels and complete and bright Bat logos at both sides of the Batmobile. Original aerial intact. Occasional tiny mark only.

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Corgi gift set 3 w3113

Corgi gift set 3 w3112

2) Corgi 107 Batboat. Early issue with the attractive tin fin, sitting on a cast-wheeled gold trailer. Complete paper labels on both sides of the boat. A little chrome loss to dashboard. Both original seated figures still in clear packet.

Both items sit in a yellow plastic inner, which is notably intact. Extremely difficult to find this good.
Original Instruction Packet, has been opened and inside is a sprue of 12 yellow missiles, Batmobile Instructions, badge.

Corgi gift set 3 w3117

Card packing piece which would fit underneath the centre of the plastic plinth for support.

Corgi gift set 3 w3116

Also included is the original plain buff over-sleeve.

Corgi gift set 3 w3118