Corgi 302

Corgi 302 Hillman Hunter Rally Car With Kangaroo. Golden (not silver) Golden Jacks issue. Very near mint/boxed. With transfers, including backing sheet and greaseproof protective strip . Instruction Leaflet. 2nd issue box version WITHOUT 302 printed on box face etc. From The Oslo Collection.


Price: £245.00

This item is no longer for sale, price for reference only.


This Hillman Hunter ‘London To Sydney’ Marathon Winner has a very near perfect paint finish (few tiny marks) and a wealth of detail. Complete labels.



Transfers are carefully applied – but note that a set of unapplied original transfers are included too, complete with backing card and greaseproof protective strip.


Complete, with the original kangaroo figure .
Opening suitcase on the roof of the car, two spare wheels and a spotlight.
Popular ‘Golden Jacks’/Take-Off Wheels’. Note this version has golden Golden Jacks (not silver!)

Inner box is very crisp and fresh and has the original kangaroo in place. Note that the small formed aperture for the tail has never been pushed open, so intact.
Outer box is very brightly-coloured, clean and complete. Original cellophane is intact. Fresh card with such a crisp feel.
Note that this is the 2nd issue box, so unlike the earlier issue, it does not have the Corgi number printed on the box face. Note too that the printed text in the red box on box top is slightly different and box underside is free of the black printed details. Box reverse has ‘Playcraft Toys’ printed rather than ‘Mettoy Playcraft’ printed.
Small strip of surface loss on an end flap.
Instruction Leaflet.
Issued between 1969-72.