Corgi Printed Price Labels

118 original Corgi Printed Price Labels. Rare point of sale items from The Pennsylvanian Collection.

Price: £495.00

This item is no longer for sale, price for reference only.


A rare find – this is a substantial cache of original Corgi Printed Price Labels.
To name just a few: Corgi Gift Set 10 Rambler Marlin Kayak Set, 31 Buick Riviera Set, 37 Lotus Racing Team Set, 48 Car Transporter with 6 Cars, 107 Batboat on Trailer, 241 Ghia, 258 The Saint’s Volvo, 340 1967 Monte-Carlo Sunbeam Imp, 474 Musical Ice Cream Van, 508 Holiday Camp Bus, 1127 Simon Snorkel… we could go on but have to stop somewhere. What fun to have all of these – and even better to have the models to match!
A rare batch of point of sale ephemera from this collector.