Dinky 30A

Dinky 30A Chrysler Airflow Saloon. COBALT BLUE PRE-WAR issue. Rare. Excellent/never boxed individually. With period advertisement. From The Phillips Collection.

Price: £275.00

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Acknowledged in ‘The Great Book Of Dinky Toys’, this collector in the U.S. brings his 37 year collection to QDT. Included are some very rare items and a wealth of period literature and catalogues.

This early Dinky model was made between 1935-41, so correct with no chassis. All original intense cobalt blue paint finish, ‘Tootsie-Toy’ style wheels,original smooth white balloon tyres (minor age wear). Correct separate bumper with radiator (some oxidation). Intact separate bumper units; so often these are broken! Some chipping/marking to the paint finish commensurate with age ( or indeed a little less than you might expect!).
Rust to axles.




Delightful period advertisement included showcases the Chrysler Airflow with a most discerning customer!

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