French Dinky 25L

French Dinky 25L Studebaker Covered Truck. Red with yellow wheels and tinplate tilt. Near mint/not individually boxed. With period PROMOTIONAL NOTE. From The Phillips Collection.

Price: £375.00

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Acknowledged in ‘The Great Book Of Dinky Toys’, this collector in the U.S. brings his 37 year collection to QDT. Included are some very rare items and a wealth of period literature and catalogues.
The owner tells us:
“This model, I believe, was originally purchased from Jean-Michel Roulet, author of ‘Histoire Des Dinky Toys Français’ (1978) & ‘Les Dinky Toys et Dinky Supertoys Français’ (1984).

Issued 1949, this charming French Dinky Studebaker model is finished in red with yellow ridged wheels and matching tinplate tilt (well-shaped).
Presents very well indeed and of course, this model would never have been individually boxed but sold for a shopkeeper’s Trade Box.
A few tiny marks, side rubs. Few tiny touches visible to the gimlet-eyed. Smooth original black tyres are well-shaped. Tinplate tilt has minimal marking and is well-shaped.



Delightful period promotional slip, too.

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