Corgi Prototype

Prototype of the Corgi Hot Dog Mini Van. Unique item from the 'Exclusively Mini' Collection. Originally the property of Marcel Van Cleemput, Chief Designer for Corgi, and pictured in 'The Great Book of Corgi'. Bids are invited on this item - please see the relevant section on our Faq Page. QDT starting bid £300. Please note that QDT apply 12.5% buyer's commission.

This item is no longer for sale, price for reference only.


A shame this model never went into production! Finished in vibrant orange, this Corgi Mini Cooper ‘S’ prototype model has a red interior and an additional section fitted so that it can now be used as a Hot Dog Van. Colourful labels throughout are complete, if a little curled at the edges now. With vendor.



Glazing to both side windows (one ‘opened’) and top half of the rear section is glazed too. Late issue recessed spoked wheels. Black tyre detail (one has a small split).
Pictured in ‘The Great Book of Corgi’:


Without ‘Hot Dog’ now and as sold through Lösch Auction House in 2000, as part of the property of the Chief Designer for Corgi, Marcel Van Cleemput:



Old glue residue on the top surface where the Hot Dog was affixed.
An exceptional Corgi Prototype – one of a kind!