Corgi 322

Corgi 322 Rover 2000 'International Rally Finish'. Very, very near mint/boxed. Scarce! Very nice over-flash label. From The Reigate Collection.


Price: £395.00

This item is no longer for sale, price for reference only.


An impressive example issued during 1967 only. A pleasing black and white finish and flawless racing numbers ‘21’ set in the distinctive scarlet red circle logo. Jewelled lights, cast wheels and complete registration numbers on the glossy black bonnet and at the rear. Trans-o-lite issue. Suspension is fine. Bright red interior. All original.
In virtually mint condition (the occasional negligible dot – tempted to say mint).



Fresh, complete and bright box has a complete clean white label indicating that this is the ‘International Rally’ version. Lightest wear.
Crease to the card and very light wear.Corgi Club Membership Form.