Dinky 917

Dinky 917 Mercedes Truck & Trailer. Near mint plus/boxed, with polystyrene packing pieces. Very scarce version in BLUE & YELLOW, with WHITE roof ventilator. From The Berlin Collection.


Price: £425.00

This item is no longer for sale, price for reference only.


This colour version is an especially difficult find. Vivid mid-blue cab and chassis with white roof ventilator, yellow back with blue plastic tilts. Red interior, jewelled headlights.

In close to mint condition. Obviously unused and carefully stored, this model comes with both wing mirrors intact. Jewelled lights. Note the contact marking on the deep blue tilts. Occasional very minor mark to the paint finish.
The large truck and trailer sits within a most attractive card plinth with pictorial backdrop. Given the weight of the items, it is rare to find one in this close to pristine condition!

The large card outer box has fared well too (minor wear only).

Polystyrene packing wedges are still present.