Corgi Classic James Bond

Corgi Classic James Bond Aston Martin DB5 'Gold Ingot' issue. Rare 1st issue 'Over Run' example, correct without certificate. Model features ensure that this model was only available as part of this set. Mint/boxed, with leaflets.

Price: £795.00

This item is no longer for sale, price for reference only.


A breath-taking example of the James Bond Aston Martin, in mint condition and finished in gold-plate, 1:36 scale. This 1st issue example is presented in a richly-hued, glamorous gold ingot-stye box, with accompanying leaflets and original plain white end flap box.
An absolute must for James Bond devotees, this is a rare find. The first issue was limited to a release of 99 models, each included a numbered model certificate. However, there was an overrun of items issued and these did not include a certificate. These models were unique to this set and easily identified as such. These ‘spare’ examples have gold bumpers and number-plates, correct with black screws in the base and gold wheels, plastic tyres. These features ensure that this is a correct, 1st issue ‘Gold Ingot’ item.
Does not appear to have ever been removed from the display case.

1st issue boxes bear the embossed James Bond and Corgi logo on the top surface of the ingot. Tiny wear to the box. ‘02’ is embossed on the right-hand side of the lid. ‘GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY’ embossed on the front facing side of the ingot. Since this is an ‘overrun’ item, note that the front section does not bear a label.
With leaflets:

Plain end flap-style outer box:

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