Corgi 509

Corgi 509 Porsche Targa 911S Police Car. With red painted doors and white paper label. (Assumed) Mint/boxed (box never opened). Pristine! From The Old School Collection.


Price: £125.00

This item is no longer for sale, price for reference only.


Issued between 1970-75, this version has a very fresh and bright, distinctive, red and white finish, black roof.
Version with red painted doors, white label with orange ‘POLIZEI’ print.
Complete with siren and bright blue warning light, jewelled headlights.
Box has never been opened, so model is assumed mint.
The bright red and yellow window box is very close to shop-fresh with intact, smooth original cellophane. Period penned price on an end flap.

It may be necessary to carefully open the box in order to secure the model for posting to the new owner.