Dinky 100

Dinky 100 Lady Penelope's Fab 1. Very near mint/boxed, in bubble pack with missiles. Scarce issue with a BLACK INTERIOR. Scarce model from The Berlin Collection. Bids are invited on this model - please see the relevant section on our Faq Page. QDT starting bid £350. Please note that QDT apply 10% buyer's commission, with a ceiling of £100.


Price: £1,300.00

This item is no longer for sale, price for reference only.


This Fab 1 model has a gleaming rose pink paint finish and a rare find with this black interior. Jewelled headlights. FAB 1 numberplate beneath the radiator (not at the rear). Both figures of Lady Penelope and Parker are seated inside. Correct canopy for this late issue i.e. no pink lines. Note the correct wheels for this variation too.

In all original condition. Close inspection will find the occasional minor mark only. Note the small area of chrome loss immediately beside the bonnet emblem (very minor).
The plinth is complete with excellent fresh colours. Edge storage crumple. The original bag is taped to the base and contains the correct 2 yellow missiles as well as four red harpoons.

The clear plastic bubble lid is original and feeling quite pliable still. Light yellowing of the top section (reaction to light over the years)and a lower edge wrinkle.