Dinky 511

Dinky 511 Guy 4-Ton Lorry. 1st Type in fawn & red with RIDGED WHEELS. Near mint plus (chip on roof)/boxed. In green card box with picture label and Hudson Dobson U.S. export label. Factory stamp 'R' in red at lid end. From The 25 Year Collection in California.


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An early commercial Dinky model, with a first type cab, vivid red cab and chassis, fawn (or earth) back, large unpainted hook. Issued between 1948-52.

This model is in all original condition with a chip on the roof. Negligible mark or two beside.s
Bright baseplate and smooth black original tyres (minor flat spot to one).
The green card box has a complete picture label. Minor fading to box lid sides. Light wear and a little neat writing in pen at a lid end. Factory stamp ‘R’ in red at a lid end. Incomplete U.S export label in red.
Not an easy variation to find.