Dinky 178

Dinky 178 Plymouth Plaza. Rare issue in sky blue with a white roof and flash. Near mint plus/in paler yellow late issue box. From The Cumbrian Collection.


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This most eye-catching classic American car is in original condition finished in bright sky blue, with a white roof and side flashes, silver trim, spun wheels, clean original white treaded tyres, gloss baseplate correct with no number printed.

Light edge rub at a rear wing top edge and a few minor exposed edge marks besides.
Issued at the end of the production run( 1959-63), this rare variation is correctly presented in a late issue paler yellow picture box. Crisp and brightly-coloured. Light tan and green colour spot is shown (do note that a blue and white colour spot was never printed, although it is true to say that this variation is more often found in a two tone blue colour spot box and very occasionally in a single deep blue colour spot box). All car illustrations show the same colour variations i.e. two tone blue on one face, and light tan & green on the other, both with spun wheels. A little grubbiness and a little wear and tear at end flaps.
A scarce variation.