Matchbox 50a

Matchbox 50a Commer Pick-Up. Very, very near mint/boxed. From The 25 Year Collection.


Price: £110.00

This item is sold.


This collector wanted only the best examples in his collection. Always a discerning buyer of the finest examples he could find. After over 25 years, he has now decided to part with items from his own extensive collection.
This is one of them_.
“This model comes from a collection of early 60’s Matchbox that I bought years ago. They were originally bought in Germany, at a US military exchange. The man who bought them intended to bring them back to the States, and use them as a part of a train layout that never materialized. They remained in their boxes, stored in a shoe box. They are like old shop stock. Shiny and bright unused day one paint finishes, in silky boxes that look like they have only been opened once or twice

Fine mid-tan finish, shiny silver trim and grey plastic wheels. A little silver over-run at the rear prevents us calling this model mint.
Vibrant, high quality box continues the theme.