Tekno 445

Tekno 445 Scania-Vabis Turntable Fire Engine WITH 'FELIX CAPRI' lettering (Swedish Fuel Company. Very near mint/boxed. From The Berlin Collection.


Price: £265.00


An impressive Turntable Fire Engine (Scania-Vabis) from this collector. Unfaded vibrant paint finish and shiny ladders (and metal parts generally). Looking close to perfect with just a couple of small marks where the ladder rests on the roof. Complete delicate transfers ‘FELIC CAPRI’ and SLÄCK TÖRSTEN’ – a scarce find. Hose reel with corded hose. Green tinted windows. Fine original tyres on detailed cast wheels.

Crisp, deeply-coloured card box has nonetheless suffered a punctureand a notable end flap tear. Minor wear besides.