Dinky 57/006

Dinky 57/006 Rambler Classic. Hong Kong Dinky. Very, very near mint (but lacks suspension on 1 wheel, common fault)/boxed. Scarce. From The Reference Collection.


Price: £180.00

This item is no longer for sale, price for reference only.


One of the small range of Dinky models made in Hong Kong between 1965-67. Highly attractive 1:42 scale model.
First we have ever offered for sale in this Export Box, and particularly difficult to find with the ‘Dealer Strip’, too.
Finished in a distinctive shade of mid-green, ivory interior. Suspension is fine on three wheels (not present on front passenger-side – common fault). Matt baseplate, shiny chrome spun wheels and intact number plates front and rear.



Paint finish is in virtually mint condition!
Fresh, clean and complete delicate export box. We expect this is the first time the model has ever been removed from the box! With intact ‘Mr. Dealer’ strip.
Very minor wear only.
A difficult version to find.

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