Dinky 132

Dinky 132 Packard Convertible. Very near mint/boxed. Light tan version with SHAPED SPUN wheels. Difficult version to find. Crisp box! From The Reference Collection.


Price: £395.00

This item is no longer for sale, price for reference only.


Issued between 1955-61, this model has a bright light tan finish and red interior, grey driver. In all original condition, this model is a harder to find issue with shaped spun wheels.

Minor rough casting (mostly on one side), and a few mere dots to the paint finish.
Shiny base (couple of scratches). Well-shaped original treaded tyres.
The box is complete and strongly-coloured with the correct colour spot on the end flaps. Crisp and fresh-looking with scarcely any wear. Period shopkeeper’s price at an end flap.