French Dinky 1406 Renault 4L Sinpar 'Michel Tanguy'. Very near mint /boxed. From the t.v. series 'Les Chevaliers Du Ciel'. With aerial and both original figures. Scarce. From The New European Collection.


Price: £175.00

This item is no longer for sale, price for reference only.


Issued between 1968-71, this is a scarce t.v. inspired French Dinky toy, featuring The Knights of the Sky’ (Les Chevalier du Ciel)! A difficult model to find.
The Renault Sinpar model is finished in khaki with blue and red original detailing. Item comes complete with the original aerial and gear stick. Painted metal concave wheels, folding tin windscreen. Bonnet-mounted camera.



Full transfer sheet is included (bonnet-mounted camera decoration, front and rear numberplates).


A few tiny exposed edge marks and a faint scratch on the bonnet (caused by the folding tinplate screen).
Both plastic running figures are (factory) glued to the base of the colourful plinth. Both end tabs to the plinth are present and this set presents nicely with the colourful backdrop. Little front edge crumple.


The decorative pictorial card outer box is clean, bright and complete. Crisp feel.
Handling tear at an end flap and a puncture on one non-picture side. Storage crumple to one corner.



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