2 Period Corgi Shopkeeper Promotional Items from 1973. Pictured on Page 298 of The Great Book of Corgi. From The MBU Collection.


Price: £150.00

This item is no longer for sale, price for reference only.


Discovered in the office of Marcel Van Cleemput the chief designer for Corgi, this is just a sample of the many ephemera items given to the MBU Collector as a thank you for his help with ‘The Great Book of Corgi’.

Very close to mint condition promotional Flyer for Corgi 323 Ferrari Daytona, Corgi 324 JCB/Corgi Le Mans 1973 Ferrari Daytona & Corgi 50 Massey Tractor. Approx. 30cms x 20cms.
Couple of light creases only. Colours are day-one fresh and bright.

Corgi JCB Window Sticker. Mint condition.

Both items are pictured in The Great Book of Corgi.

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