Corgi 322

Corgi 322 Rover 2000 Monte Carlo. Near mint plus/boxed. Late issue box. From The Reigate Collection.


Price: £200.00

This item is no longer for sale, price for reference only.


Issued between 1965-66, this Monte Carlo Rover model has a close to perfect paint finish. Suspension is fine on shaped spun wheels. Bright red interior. Well-shaped, original black treaded tyres.



Minor nick or two to one of the door labels. Both Monte Carlo Rally labels are perfect on the bonnet and boot. None of the usual ‘nibbles’ to the roof edge either.
Note the stray dab of gold immediately below the rear screen (curious!). Couple of stray light flicks of factory silver on one side.
Tiny raised casting mark on the roof.
The late issue pictorial box is crisp and bright, looking fresh. Barely any wear at all. Pencilled writing on one non-picture side.