Corgi Gift Set 7 Daktari. Mint/boxed (repair). Spun wheels issue, complete with all characters and accessories. From The MBU Collection.


Price: £160.00

This item is no longer for sale, price for reference only.


This popular Corgi Gift Set was inspired by the children’s t.v. programme Daktari (Swahili for doctor!) and is complete.
It contains:
1) Corgi 438 Land Rover in green with black stripes. Mint. So often the transfer immediately below the windscreen flakes away, this example has an intact and complete transfer.
It comes complete with tiger on the bonnet, Dr. Marsh Tracy (with his stethoscope and chimp). Suspension on shining, shaped spun wheels. Well-shaped original tyres. Figures of Paula and of course, the cross-eyed lion Clarence, complete with spectacles! So often these sets are found with the spectacles and stethoscope missing (so easily lost).
Nice to see this set complete.



Colourful, clean card box is crisp, showing minimal handling. Couple of card tears (yellow card section immediately below the header card). At some time the cellophane has been replaced. Colourful clean and crisp card inner looks as-new. Original card packing piece which supports the inner is included. Corgi Club Membership Form, too.

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