Marklin 8023 Magirus Turntable Fire Engine. Very near mint (elevating section of ladder has become detached)/boxed. From The 25 Year Collection.


Price: £85.00

This item is no longer for sale, price for reference only.


Looking day-one fresh and bright, this Magirus Turntable Fire Engine is a smart example with unfaded colours and a fine sheen.
In transit to us, the small elevating section of the ladder has become detached, although it is easily put back into place and a dab of glue (if desired) would remedy it.



Barely a mark to the paint finish. This is a fine and unused example wiht shiny shaped spun wheels, bright ladder and a silver trim. Original tyres are as-new.
Clean, bright and colourful crisp box has a few little punctures at one end, due to movement of the model in the box in transit to us. Hard to fault otherwise.

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