Large Illuminated Shop Display Hanging Sign. Near mint. Outstanding and scarce and original item from "The New European Collection'.


Price: £1,250.00

This item is no longer for sale, price for reference only.


With a Corgi collection richly evoking the period between the late 1950?s through to the mid 1970?s, this large European Collection has been lovingly compiled by an enthusiast with particular emphasis on point of sale, including original cabinets and literature, prototypes, promotional items, alongside a high quality collection of individual models and Gift Sets.


A memorable, original point of sale/period toy show piece from the late 1960’s – this large illuminated sign composed of plywood with colourful perspex panels and chrome effect strip border, can be suspended from the sturdy metal chain. Measures approx. 123cms long, 18cms. high and 15 cms wide. A little minor age wear at one short end.
For those collectors lucky enough to be able to display this sign, the sight is one that will stay in one’s memory for a long time.
Of all the items viewed in situ at the collector’s room devoted to Corgi, this is the one item that we will never forget!
An extremely rare item – we have never seen another!