Corgi Gift Set 1A Carrimore Car Transporter 'AMERICAN AUTOMOBILES issue. Near mint-very near mint/boxed, with packing & Leaflets (one rare U.S. only leaflet). Rare set from 'The Monty Calme Corgi Collection.


Price: £725.00

This item is no longer for sale, price for reference only.


The first we have ever handled! This is a rare early Transporter Gift Set aimed at the U.S./Canadian market.


This set comprises:
1) 1101 Bedford ?S? Carrimore Car Transporter, red cab, with mid-blue & very pale blue back, with flat spun wheels, in original , close to mint condition. Few little marks mostly at the ramp. Complete lettering at the sides. Complete Corgi Dog logo at the rear.

2) 215 Ford Thunderbird Open Sports, with flat spun wheels. White. Very near mint. Superb, fresh clean and bright box. Little edge crumple.

3) 211S Studebaker Golden Hawk . Gold-painted issue with red interior, shaped spun wheels. Very near mint. Lovely, crisp, fresh box! Little end flap has a small tear.

4) 219 Plymouth Sports Suburban Station Wagon in deep pinkish cream and tan, red interior, shaped spun wheels. Very, very near mint/boxed. Strongly-coloured, clean, fresh box has period Canadian dollar price on one non-picture side.

5) 214S Ford Thunderbird in green and cream, flat spun wheels. Near mint plus/boxed. Bright and complete box has the remains of a paper label on the top surface. Minor wear besides.




The colourfully illustrated lift-off lid box is bright and complete although there is some notable wear at corners and edges. Couple of corner repairs too.
Note the ‘WIth American Automobiles’ label. Base has storage/age wear including rubbing.
Little period handwritten label on one short lid end.



All packing is present, including the two yellow ‘Dummy’ boxes with red Corgi Dog logo. Pale blue Instruction Leaflet is included (some edge nibbling and a couple of small holes). Also included is a rare* Canadian Corgi Club Membership Form*:


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