Corgi Gift Set 1B. Transporter Gift Set with 4 Cars. Includes packing & Instruction Leaflet. Near mint-very near mint/boxed. Rare "SPUN WHEELS' set. From The Cheshire Collection.

Price: £750.00

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Issued between 1959-62, this very rare set comprises:





1) 1101 Bedford ‘S’ Carrimore Car Transporter, red cab, with mid-blue & very pale blue back, with spun wheels, in original condition. Few little marks mostly at the ramp and a nick in the lettering on one side. Complete Corgi Dog logo at the rear. Little paint run in two places near the ramp.

2) 216 Austin A.40 Saloon, in two-tone blue, with shaped spun wheels. Very near mint. Occasional tiny mark only. Superb, fresh clean and bright box. Tiny wear only.

3) 226 Morris MIni Minor in light powder blue with red interior, spun wheels. Very near mint. Lovely, crisp, fresh box!

4) *219 Plymouth Sports Suburban Station Wagon *in deep cream and tan, red interior, spun wheels. Very near mint/boxed. Strongly-coloured, clean, fresh box has tiny wear.

5) 305 Triumph TR3 Sports in olive green with red seats and spun wheels. Very near mint condition (no steering wheel). Very crisp, clean box has a small edge crumple.

Note that these models are obviously the originals from this set (i.e. not a later made-up set). All the items have shaped spun wheels, superb fresh boxes with no individual prices understandably.
The colourfully illustrated lift-off lid box is bright and complete with some rubbing/light handling wear. Note that one corner has a repaired split and heavier wear. Base has storage wear including grubbiness on the underside. Penned writing on the underside of the box base.




Includes the original white card insert which houses the individual items and also includes 2 bright, clean and fresh ‘Dummy Boxes’ with the Corgi Dog decoration. A little wear/few stain spots to the insert.

Includes the original Instruction Leaflet which has crumpling, couple of small areas missing and a few stain spots too.
Rare to come to the market place.

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