Matchbox Gift Set G-1 Motorway Set. Excellent plus-very near mint/boxed. Early issue with Roadway, card inner, additional card piece. Scarce set. From a collection in Berlin.


Price: £445.00

This item is no longer for sale, price for reference only.


A fine and scarce set issued during 1965. This set comprises:



1) No. 6 Euclid Quarry Truck, in bright yellow, black plastic wheels, open cab steps. Near mint plus (2 little marks)

2) No. 10 Foden Sugar Container, in vibrant blue, with complete lettering on both sides & rear. Near mint.

3) No. 13 Thames Trader Wreck Truck, in vivid red, with complete transfers on both sides, grey plastic hook. Very near mint (stray factory silver near front bumper edge).

4) No. 33 Ford Zephyr 6, in deep sea-green. Near mint.

5) No. 34 VW Caravette, in pale gren, green-tinted windows, bright green interior and base. Very near mint. Few tiny pin prick marks.

6) No. 38 Vauxhall Victor Estate, pale yellow, light green interior, tow hook. Near mint, few little marks at front bumper, couple of marks besides.

7) No. 55 Ford Fairlane Police Car in metallic mid-blue. Near mint (label nick). Few little marks.

8) No. 48 Sports Boat on Trailer, red with a cream hull, deep blue trailer. Black plastic wheels. Very near mint.

9) No. 71 Jeep Gladiator in red, white interior. Excellent plus.

Comes with the bright yellow card stand on which the models sit, along with a buff card piece which enables a display to be made (printed instructions in red). Small tear. Both in fine, unused condition.


Also included is the large colourful sturdy card Roadway.


Minor wear with some of the serrated cut-out sections becoming loose. Couple of tiny punctures.
No transfers or BP Leaflet now.
Sleeve-style outer box looks very fresh and bright with graffiti. Very minor age wear and a couple of little tears.



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