A selection of past and present collections sold and for sale at QDT

The Lake District Collection

Comprising premium Corgi investment pieces with a particular emphasis on rare items & Gift Sets.

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The Mayfair Collection

Recently arrived at QDT. We have begun listing the high quality Dinky t.v & film-related models from this collector. More models to follow.

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The South London Collection

A knowledgable and enthusiastic collector from South London brings his eclectic collection to QDT. A writer of many articles over the years for diecast specialist magazines, he has a wealth of knowledge on the subject and exuberance second to none!

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The ‘Old School’ Collection

One of the highest quality Corgi Collections we have ever handled.

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The Inverness Collection

‘Regular’ Corgi of the highest quality from a dedicated Corgi enthusiast

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The Italian Collection

1200 model Dinky & Corgi Collection, one of our first major collections.

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