The M.P. Diecast Collection from Switzerland

As QDT embark on the sale of this collection of the highest grade, here follows a quick preview and some words from the collector himself.

The owner of The M.P. collection writes:

It all started nearly 35 years ago when my great uncle left me his stamp collection. As a school child, these stamps did not interest me particularly – but some of my school friends were stamp collectors, and were more than happy to exchange one toy car for one stamp (even though many of these toy model cars belonged to their fathers!)

I thought this was great and started to save my pocket money to buy toy cars to add to my collection. I started to visit old toyshops to search out old stock. I was often successful back in those days, particularly in remote villages. Occasionally, I found some rare jewel of a toy going for a period price, tucked away hidden behind newer models on the shelves. I would find all different makes including some promotional items in the larger shops. It amazes me to see some of these items being offered for such high prices nowadays on the internet.

Looking over the collection, this collector’s dedication is plain to see, with many, many models looking like new. When trying to give a flavour of this collection, we are spoilt for choice, so (almost) at random, here follows a little preview of just some of the models coming up in the next few weeks and months!
There will be some rarities and highly sought-after models in this collection and with boxes in as fine condition as the models in most cases, it will be an especially exciting time here at QDT.

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