The Eric Slager Collection

News of the latest high quality collection at QDT. The 1st instalment from The Eric Slager Collection comprises his careful assemblage of Indian Dinky ‘Nicky’ Toys. The best collection of Nicky Toys we have seen.

Here is a personal note from the owner:
Just like most Dinky Toys collectors, the collection starts with the sentiment of childhood memories.
I remember very well how much fun I had, end 50’s, playing with my neighbourhood friends outside of our house in the yard with our Dinky and Corgi toys. We would divide our cars between the ten of us, some received the fire trucks others the army trucks. After we had divided all the cars we would start building cities of bricks and sand and play all day. What lovely memories they were!
At the end of the 60’s, my parents decided it was time to do away with the old Dinky Toys, they thought I was finished with them. The whole box went to the neighbour’s children. I remember feeling horrified!
Around my twenty-fourth birthday I started dreaming of my old Dinky Toys. I wanted my box back! I tried to locate the new owners, but sadly without success. After that I started collecting them once again. The collecting now was all in the hunt to find the most sophisticated and most special models. When they all stood there in the display cabinet, all I could feel was pride and happiness- thinking back to my own childhood.
When I was in the USA for example, I bought Kathy Ford’s G.T #215 one of six models you could get at Post Cereal. The original brown shipping carton is still with it. On one side there’s a note: ‘This is for your B-day. I got it with Post Coupons. Love, Mom. 1969’ This model originally belonged to Kathy’s deceased brother. He had been fifteen when he received it, too old to play with it, however, the mother had lived through the 1929 crisis and had since then collected all coupons to get free articles with.

The time has come for me to say goodbye to my collection. I will however, save the ones with which I actually played. This finished the circle.
I hope that the new owners will appreciate the cars just as much as I have over the years.

Eric Slager

Here are some pictures taken by the owner of his collection in general:

The sale of his collection commences with his impressive array of Nicky Dinky Toys. These are sought-after models that are so difficult to find in good condition! Dinky dies were sold to the Indian Firm S. Kumar & Co. trading as Atamco. (1968-70). Often known as Indian-Dinky toys, the finish was poor in comparison.
If you have ever been tempted to collect this fascinating piece of Dinky history, but have been dismayed at the quality of the surviving examples that come to the market-place, then this collection may change your mind! We have not seen better.

Here are pictures of the Nicky Toys Collection taken by the owner:

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