Taking a fresh look at Corgi

Corgi ephemera and unique finds from ‘The New European Collection’ we are privileged to be handling at QDT.

When it comes to Corgi, thinking ‘outside the box’ pays dividends and adds a whole new dimension to your collection.

‘The New European’ Corgi collection that we are handling at QDT is unique. And why? Simply because he recognised that in order to make his collection special, then an assemblage of standard models (however fine) would never really make the headlines.
This collection shows that he was intent on seeking out the unusual, the ‘backroom story’ in many instances – and the real Corgi story is told, not just in the toys they made, but in the inspiration and the journey that brought these models to market in the first place.

We are delighted to have, for instance, some of Marcel Van Cleemput’s (Chief designer for Corgi 1956-83) scrapbooks and files, in which he stored the most interesting pictures and pieces of correspondence. In fact, one file in particular, contains many of the pictures, pieces of correspondence and photographs that are contained in ‘The Great Book of Corgi’.

The Paper Trail
A selection from Marcel Van Cleemput’s files include:

Early Corgi ‘Mission’ Statement from 1956:

Menu from the celebration of the opening of the new works of the Mettoy Company, April 1949:

Frank Roche (modelmaker) designing the Bedford Car Transporter:

The Batmobile picture that inspired the creation of Corgi’s own version:

Picture of the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang from the film:

Period picture of the Dennis Fire Engine:

Period picture of the Ford Escort:

An unforgettable picture:

Iconic James Bond pictures:

Naturally progressing from this, ‘The New European Collector’ soon managed to purchase unique Corgi Prototypes to further enhance his collection. He managed to source over 70 Prototypes and sample pieces, including items that never went into production (also pictured in The Great Book of Corgi):

The Blue Star model (sadly never produced):

Buck Rogers Starfighter in brass:

This irrepressible Muppet pairing (sadly never produced):

and Dan Dare too (never produced – too sad for words):

And Dinky weren’t the only toy manufacturer busy developing their own version of Lady Penelope’s FAB 1:

A pity that Corgi never went ahead with this endearing Snoopy model:

The Ford Roadhog Prototype – based on the Starsky and Hutch model:

Based on the Magic Roundabout’s McHenry’s Trike, this delightful model would have been a hit!

As you can imagine, there is a wealth of Corgi ephemera, articles, point of sale items etc. etc. etc!
At random, here are some of them (well not quite at random, they are some of our favourites!):
The Mantra “Always Something New from Corgi” echoes down the years. This free-standing card sign would draw the eye with row after row of Corgi cars:

Trade Article 1966 Corgi Avengers T.V. show with Patrick McNee and Diana Rigg pictured with the Corgi Avengers Set:

Exciting Corgi Grand Prix Racing free-standing shop display stand:

We were just blown away by this original artwork on card for the Tour De France Corgi model (Paramount Pictures Art Department) stamped on the reverse):

We could not overlook this Corgi "Streamer’ of the 270 James Bond Aston Martin!

We have never seen this sign before:

Please do look out for many of these items on the website in the coming weeks.

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