QDT get everywhere!

A reflection on just how far we have come and the international aspect of our business.

Like many businesses, it has taken a while to get here. Humble beginnings and learning the craft from the bottom up are a familiar pattern of business development and growth. Ours is a similar story.

Looking at our business today, we can barely believe just how far we have come. The ability to have access to the website analytics side of our business gives us a continuous moving picture of the activity on our site, but not just that alone, it tells us the country from where the visitor accesses our site, as well as the district too, what they are looking at, and even what percentage of customers are using a desktop, laptop or tablet to view QDT (this last detail is not quite so interesting to us’). It is easy for us to become mesmerised by this ‘fly on the wall’ glimpse behind the scenes.
The information gleaned is invaluable for us as you can imagine. And the countries that visit us?

Well, it is quite a list! In no particular order, and with a deep breath, we have customers from:
USA, Canada, Ireland, UK (in every nation, county, nook and cranny including Inverness and Outer Hebrides), The Channel Islands, Portugal, Spain, Malta, Finland, Singapore, Greece, Norway, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Japan, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, Australia, Gibraltar, Sweden, Denmark, Kenya, Brazil, South Africa, and New Zealand!
And we have probably forgotten somewhere!
Most intriguingly, we have visitors from the most surprising far flung places that you would not think had an interest – e.g. regular visitors in Qatar, Azerbaijan, Kuwait, Cambodia and even Iraq! North London too, would you believe!

And of course, this means that our suppliers too hail from all corners of the globe, principally U.K., the U.S. and Europe understandably, but Australia, Russia and Brazil have played their part in the recent past too.

The fact that Dinky and Corgi models command a global interest is a wonderfully energising aspect of our business. We are just waiting to dip our collective toes into China – never say never!

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