Sabra Models Gamda Koor 8119 Pontiac Firebird

Pontiac Firebird by Sabra (Gamdakoor) No. 8119 in Israel. With BLACK interior. Very near mint/boxed. From The Wesley Lodge Collection.

Sabra models 8119 pontiac firebird ff267 front

Price: £145.00



This striking silver and black Pontiac Firebird model has a black detailed interior and clear screens.
Shiny spun wheels, well-shaped tyres. Bright silver trim and base.
Very near mint.

Sabra models 8119 pontiac firebird ff267 back

Sabra models 8119 pontiac firebird ff267 base

This garage style box comprises a hard plastic clear case with intact and complete garage door and yellow plastic base. Couple of light surface scratches to the plastic case. Intact bright and fresh-looking header card has a little wear.

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