Solido Models 108 Peugeot 403

Peugeot Cabriolet 403 by Solido Models, No. 108. Cerulean Blue. Very, very near mint/boxed. From The Cologne Collection.

Solido peugeot 403 cabriolet dd422 front

Price: £265.00



An exquisite Peugeot Cabriolet model with a most attractive cerulean blue finish, a black hood, bright red interior. Complete with driver figure. Intact screen. Shiny spun wheels. Silver trim.
Hard to resist!

Solido peugeot 403 cabriolet dd422 back

Solido peugeot 403 cabriolet dd422 base

The box is brightly-coloured and complete, showing very light wear only.

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