Corgi Toys 802 Popeye Paddle-wagon

Popeye Paddle-Wagon by Corgi Toys, No. 802. Very near mint/unboxed. WHITE WHEEL issue. Complete with all delicate parts intact. From The Heart of England Collection.

Corgi toys 805 popeye paddlewagon dd298 front

Price: £110.00



A very detailed and pleasing item from Corgi as part of their Corgi Comics range (1969-72). This is the version with white wheels. It has all the moving figures of Popeye, Olive Oyl, Swee’Pea, Bluto and Wimpey. As you push the model along the figures of Bluto and Wimpey go up and down whilst Popeye moves from side to side as he scans the horizon, and Olive Oyl sways from side to side as she drives along! A delightful item – complete with its cans of spinach and paper labels still attached!
Little Swee’Pea is safely stowed in the life boat, which can be dropped down – both plastic attachments are absolutely fine on this example. The labels are complete and very fresh, both jewelled headlights are present. The chimney is intact and the chrome finish has minimal marking.



Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face – every time!

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