French Dinky Toys 581 Berliet Container Truck

Berliet Container Truck by French Dinky Toys, No. 581. Near mint plus/boxed. Scarce LATE ISSUE with RIVETTED PLATFORM & PAINTED TOW HOOK, PAINTED CONCAVE WHEELS. From The Woodford Green Collection.

French dinky toys 581 berliet container truck cc582

Price: £150.00



This is a scarce find and an all original example of this attractive French Dinky Berliet Truck. Such a glowing deep red, black and grey finish.
Note the rivetted platform on this late issue, along with the painted tow hook and correct for this late issue concave painted wheels.



Bright and fresh on the underside too.
Removable container load has an authentic deeper grey finish, with sliding front and a lifting eye on the top.
Few little marks to the paint finish.
The pictorial box is complete and bright with a crisp feel to the card. Minor wear only.

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