Corgi Juniors 59 Mercedes 240D Factory Colour Samples

5 x Mercedes 240D Factory Paint Colour Samples by Corgi Juniors, No. 59. Near mint- very near mint. Rare Corgi factory PRE-PRODUCTION paint samples from The Wesley Lodge Collection. Starting bid £500. Please note that QDT apply 12.5% buyer's commission.

Corgi juniors mercedes 240d factory colour samples cc549

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Five Corgi factory colour samples of Corgi Junior Mercedes models 240D. Five colourful ‘testers’ in glistening hues of pink, reds, bronze, copper…. Each is the finished article with factory quality finish. Glazing, bright yellow interiors, black plastic bases with Patent Nos., and one-piece speedwheels.
Each has the important factory colour code label on the boot.



A little piece of Corgi Junior history.

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