Corgi Promotional Poster

Original Corgi Promotional Window Poster from 1978. Mint. Originally from 'The New European' Collection, now available again as part of Duncan's Collection.

Price: £145.00



Originally part of The New European Collection sold at QDT; a Corgi collection richly evoking the period between the late 1950?s through to the mid 1970?s, this large European Collection has been lovingly compiled by an enthusiast with particular emphasis on point of sale, including original cabinets and literature, prototypes, promotional items, alongside a high quality collection of individual models and Gift Sets.

Sold at QDT during 2015, this unused original window poster from 1978 with Corgi printed in black lower case is now available once more. Later Corgi dog logo in white with a red background. Eye-catching and finished in a deep yellow. Measures approx. 36cms x 9cms.


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