Corgi Toys 324

Corgi 324 Marcos 1800 G.T. with Volvo engine. Very, very near mint/boxed. With unapplied racing numbers. From The Pennsylvanian Collection.

Price: £165.00


Issued between 1966-69, this model has a crisp and original white finish, moulded red interior, two green stripes on the bonnet. Unapplied racing numbers still on the sheet. Racing driver at the wheel. Spring suspension on all four untarnished wire wheels. Opening doors. Opening bonnet reveals a detailed engine (with a little patience can close completely flush, as-made). Fine original tyres.
Virtually mint condition.

Corgi toys 324 marcos 1800 gt yy9431

Corgi toys 324 marcos 1800 gt yy9432

Bright, crisp picture box has very light age/handling wear. Corgi Club Membership Form.