Corgi 320

Corgi 320 Ford Mustang Fastback 2+2. Near mint plus/boxed. Silver issue with DETAILED CAST wheels. Scarce model from The Pennsylvanian Collection.

Price: £195.00



First issue from 1965, this Ford Mustang model has a sleek silver finish, with a deep red detailed interior, and a Corgi dog reclining at the back. Opening doors and tilting seats. Jewelled headlights and a complete Mustang detailed radiator.
A more difficult find with cast wheels (suspension).

Corgi toys 320 ford mustang yy8511

Corgi toys 320 ford mustang yy8512

Suspension is fine on detailed spoked wheels.
A few tiny marks to the paint.
Box is complete and crisp. A little grubby now with light wear.