Tekno 764

Tekno 764 Motor Cycle (Harley Davidson) with Closed Sidecar 'WEGENWACHT'. Near mint/boxed. Very scarce item from The DC Collection.


Price: £325.00


Rare to come to the market place this Harley motorcycle is in all original condition with a bright yellow finish and perfect ‘WEGENWACHT’ lettering on the sidecar. Harley Davidson transfers are complete on one side, little piece missing on the other. WW logo (Dutch equivalent of the A.A. here in the U.K) is complete.

All original throughout and a rare find in any condition. Black metal saddle. Some tarnishing (as is nearly always the case) to the metal parts (engine, handle bars, headlight). Original tyres are well-shaped. Little mark or two to the paint finish.
Distinctive and colourful box is complete, although there are a few little punctures (caused by the handle bars we surmise), a little seam tear and minor age wear besides.