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Recent Articles

Remarkable items at QDT


Rare Corgi Press Releases & Promotional Point of Sale items

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Caveat Collector!


Thoughts on the importance of Provenance written by a Dinky collector, Richard Harris, with our own personal note, too.

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QDT get everywhere!


A reflection on just how far we have come and the international aspect of our business.

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What we're working on


Preview of items from collections, including news of the latest collection just in.

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Tributes to two figures in the Dinky and Corgi world


Reflections on the recent passing of two key figures in the Dinky and Corgi world.

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A lifetime of collecting


A look at one of our regular suppliers – ‘The Heart of England’ Collector

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The Netherlands Collection


A little preview of some of the fascinating items we have just received from this collector.

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